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How Does Weather Play A Part In Your Project?

When your project is in the scheduling phase you will often hear our team say "weather depending of course."  This is because weather plays a very important part in your project and how it is installed.  It also can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project.  

We understand the frustration of a project being rescheduled due to weather.  We would like nothing more than to install your project without weather interference and delays.  Unfortunately, we cannot always make that happen and it is our responsibility to make sure that your best interest is at the forefront of our minds when the weather is a factor.  

When we have to delay a project due to weather, it is because we truly believe there is a greater risk of the project failing, or something going wrong, if we proceed.  We appreciate your understanding when projects are moved around due to weather and we are truly sorry for any inconveniences the weather may cause to you and your patrons.

When scheduling a project, keep these weather factors in mind:

Sealcoating and Pavement Maintenance Projects

  • The ambient temperature should be 50 degrees and RISING for consectutive days before beginning the project.

  • Rain can delay or postpone a project.  Water is the enemy of most pavement surfaces - rain before a sealcoating project could cause the pavement to be so wet that the material does not adhere to the pavement.  Rain within 2-3 hours after sealcoating the project can cause all of the material to be washed away and the entire project will need to be re-sealed.

  • Sunshine and warm/hot temperatures are ideal for sealcoating.  This will allow for maximum water evaporation and a very quick dry time.

  • When Crack Sealing only - cooler/dry temerpatures are best - it mitigates tracking and peeling of rubebrized materials.

Paving Projects

Concrete Projects

Additional Weather Resources:

  • The Weather Channel

  • Noaa (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

  • Weather Underground - Cleveland, OH