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Asphalt Installation

Residential Paving

Pavement Maintenance Specialties will give you all of your options when it comes to Paving your driveway.  There are a lot of factors to consider and we can help lay out all of your options.  It is important to understand the condition of the existing pavement as well as have a feel for where the water will flow, what the elevations are prior to paving, the condition of the sub-base and much more.  Our team is skilled in identifying all of the factors that lead to the right choice in paving and helping you to decide to overlay the existing asphalt 1.5 inches (with scratch leveling when necessary) or to mill out 2 or more inches and replace with 2 or more inches of new asphalt in its place.  In extreme situations, when the pavement has reached its maximum life expectancy, a full removal and replacement may be neccesary.  Our main objective is to provide you with all of your options to help you make an informed decision.


Commercial Paving

Pavement Maintenance Specialties provides a professional analysis of your commercial parking lot to help determine your parking lot paving needs.  Identifying the proper scope of your project is key to the longevity and life-span of your pavement.  Resurfacing (overlay) your existing parking lot would be recommended based on the condition and safety of the existing pavement.  When pavement conditions dictate, it may be necessary to mill (grind) and resurface your parking lot.  If the pavement is broken up and/or your curb reveal is at a minimum, milling would be required to restore your parking lot to a safe and proper elevation.

Whether you are building from the ground up or adding on to your existing pavement area, we have you covered.  From removing the existing earth in order to prepare for paving to installing proper drainage, sub-base and building you a structurally sound surface, you can count on us to get the project done.  We even take care of the little things such as city permit applications, OUPS and utility filings, and making sure your project passes inspection.  So, sit back and relax - knowing every phase of your project is handled.

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